Teen Auto Insurance

Your teenager is now legal to drive. They've passed their driving test, received the necessary permits, and possibly have a car waiting for them. Now it's your turn to find the insurance policy that covers teen auto insurance.
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It's probably no surprise that most insurance policies charge higher rates for teen drivers. With a higher percentage of teens involved in car accidents, it's no wonder. When your teen is ready to drive, check with your insurance provider to determine their rates. It may seem practical to stick with your current insurance company or to add your teen to your policy, but comparison shopping may show that it's actually cheaper to start a new policy for your teen or begin a plan with a new company. Some insurance companies specialize in teen drivers while others charge more in order to discourage reckless teens on their policies. Shop around in order to get the best rate and find a company that your teen can stick with for the long run.

A sports car that has a higher rate of being stolen may add up to higher premiums than a safe car; although your teen may not be fond of the safe car, you'll benefit from the savings that the safer car brings. Before purchasing a new vehicle, you can research car insurance quotes online for a variety of makes and models in order to make an educated purchase. Teen auto insurance may stay high until the age of 25, when a person is considered an adult, so picking a car that keeps them safe may increase the odds of a low premium once they become an adult.

Students with a B or better grade average may be eligible for a discount on teen auto insurance. Discounts for good grades can range from 5-10%, so it's beneficial to ask your insurance company whether they offer discounts, as well as to encourage your teen to continue striving for good grades. Other insurance companies offer discounts for taking driver education courses and having a safe driving record for specific lengths of time. If your teen avoids any accidents or traffic violations, you may avoid high premiums associated with those situations. Other discounts may be available in states that require graduated licenses or for teens that head off to college without a car.

In order to keep your teen auto insurance premiums low, it's important to know the driving habits of your teen: where they are driving to, and who they are driving with. Keeping track of your teen and making sure that they practice safe driving habits are important factors in ensuring teens are safe. Instill rules such as passenger limits, check in times, and curfews. Driving with your teen on a regular basis in order to make sure that they are following traffic rules, driving the speed limit, and taking note of their surroundings is another way to make sure that your teen is safe.