Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle enthusiasts spend a lifetime of quality time finding the perfect ride. From a comfortable seat to perfect gas mileage, a considerable amount of research goes into purchasing a motorcycle. After spending all that time finding the perfect motorcycle at a perfect price, it may be tempting to pick out the first insurance plan you run across so that you can begin enjoying your new purchase immediately. Don't fret - a little bit of research will ensure that your prized possession is yours to enjoy for years to come.

Motorcycle insurance is a lot more detailed than the typical auto insurance. Considering the term "motorcycle" includes everything from sports bikes, cruisers, street sport, touring, high-performance bikes and scooters, it's no wonder that motorcycle insurance is offered in many different packages.

The first thing to research when purchasing motorcycle insurance is individual state laws. Some states have stricter policies than others, but the majority of states require at least third party insurance. Third party bike insurance is the lowest level of motorcycle insurance coverage, covering you for third party death, third party injury and third party property damage.

Another thing to consider is whether you will be traveling to different states on your motorcycle. Check with your agent when purchasing insurance to ensure that your plan covers any out-of -state travels.

More detailed insurance plans are third party fire and theft bike insurance and comprehensive bike insurance. Third party fire and theft insurance covers everything that basic third party insurance covers but also includes fire and theft coverage and miscellaneous damage, while comprehensive bike insurance covers accidental damage, in addition to all coverages included in lesser plans.

On top of the basic coverage, from theft to accidents, motorcycle insurance can also cover medical payments, custom parts and equipment, and roadside assistance. It's important to consider all of these options since an accident can quickly rack up medical and hospital expenses, loss of income, and the added cost of temporary transportation. If your motorcycle is custom built and is made up of special parts, make sure to ask your insurance agent whether those parts are covered in the case of an accident or theft.

While choosing the cheapest plan may seem like the a good choice when it comes to price, if your motorcycle is ever vandalized, stolen or involved in a major accident, you will be happy that you have extra coverage.

When it comes to price, motorcycle insurance can range in price based on the type of motorcycle you buy, your recent driving history, and the insurance company that you purchase your plan from. Discounts are available on some motorcycle insurance plans if you follow a few suggestions, including adding a voluntary excess to your insurance plan, driving a motorcycle that is not considered a sport or race bike, securing your bike at night, adding additional security features to your bike, and limiting the number and age of drivers included on your policy.

Finding motorcycle insurance doesn't have to be a tedious process - check the laws in your state, research the plans that each insurance company offers, and choose the policy that best suits your needs.