Low Auto Insurance Rates

You've spent the time researching auto insurance companies, comparing price quotes, and researching coverage options. Now it's up to you to continue keeping your auto insurance rates low.
Here are our tips to keeping your auto insurance rates low:

* Reduce Drive Time: Did you know that a shorter commute distance can translate to low auto insurance rates? It's true! Someone who drives 0-5 miles to work each day will pay significantly less than someone whose commute is over 30 miles per day. If your commute distance has recently changed, speak with your insurance agent about updating your policy to reflect the lesser commute time.
* Multi Car Policies: Have two or more cars on more than one policy? Combining your cars to one policy can result in lower insurance rates. Keeping your auto insurance rates low can be easy if your insurance company offers multi car or multi driver discounts.
* Multiple Insurance Policies: You have an auto insurance policy, but what about life insurance, health insurance, even home or rental insurance? If your auto insurance company offers more than just auto insurance, check with them to see if a discount can be applied when purchasing all of your insurance through them.
* Practice Safe Driving: Haven't had a moving violation in over a year? If you've had traffic violations in the past but now can claim a clean record, ask your insurance agent to review your driving record. They may come back with a lower rate based on your good record; keeping your auto insurance rates low means reviewing your records on a regular basis.
* Install Anti-Theft Devices: Many new vehicles come with anti-theft devices installed already, but if you've recently installed or had one installed, let your auto insurance agent know. If your insurance policy was drafted when you didn't have a safety rich car, these new features could bring down your monthly premiums.
* Increase Your Deductible Amount: If you're only paying $250 for deductibles currently, increasing your deductible amount to $500 or even $1,000 could greatly assist in keeping your auto insurance rates low. While a higher deductible means that you will pay more out-of-pocket in the case of an accident or repair needs, the lower monthly premium may be a much larger saving.
* Review Your Policy Frequently: We often sign policies and then put them away, never to be seen again. Review your policy on a regular basis to note whether anything has changed, from your driving record to features on your car, and to note whether you may be eligible to take advantage of special discounts. If you notice any changes on your policy, notify your insurance agent immediately.
* Keep an Eye Out For Additional Discounts: There are discounts for safe drivers, discounts for safe cars, discounts for good grades and discounts for being a loyal customer. Check regularly to see if you are eligible for any discounts that your auto insurance company offers.
* Keep Your Credit Score High: A high credit score can mean low auto insurance rates. Regularly check your credit score and ask your auto insurance agent to review your score if it has recently risen.