Auto Insurance Tips

You've taken the time to research and find just the right auto insurance quote and now you're ready to enjoy your new car! Even with all the time you spent researching your discount auto insurance plan, could there be anything that you missed out on? With all the steps involved in building an auto insurance policy, there's bound to be a few items you weren't aware of. Whether there's an opportunity to save a few dollars to certain coverages that aren't needed, we've covered a few auto insurance tips here:
Discount Auto Insurance Tips

After you purchase your auto insurance, you may accept the rate and tuck away your auto insurance policy; don't hide your policy just yet. As factors in your life change, the discounts you are eligible for on your auto insurance policy may also change:

* Relocation: Have you recently moved to a new city or even zip code? If so, you may be eligible for increased discounts! Your zip code plays a factor in your overall auto insurance rate. If you've recently moved to an area with a lower rate of auto theft or to zip code that boasts a higher average income level, have your auto insurance agent review your policy to see if your rates may change.
* Commute Time and Distance: If you've moved or recently made a career change, your total commute time may also have changed. Auto insurance rates factor in your daily commute distance, applying the rule that most of our driving is done between our work and our homes. If your commute distance goes down, your auto insurance rates may too.
* Deductibles: If you've been lucky enough to have a clean driving record, you may be wasting money by paying a lower deductible. Increase the amount you pay for deductibles in order to lower your monthly premiums.
* Multi-user or policies: If you have recently added additional cars to your auto insurance plan or signed on for additional insurance policies with the same company, ask your auto insurance agent if you are eligible for multi-user or multi-policy discounts.
* Safe Driving: Safe drivers are often eligible for a number of discounts. If you don't have any traffic violations or accidents on your record, ask your auto insurance agent whether you're eligible for discounts.

Coverage Auto Insurance Tips

Review your auto insurance policy often to determine if the coverage that you initially selected is still enough to cover you, or in some cases, if it is now too much.

* State Laws: If you've moved recently, the amount of coverage required on your car may also have changed. Check your state's requirements for the mandatory amount of coverage they require.
* Rental Insurance: If you have recently needed to use a rental car more than once, it may be beneficial to add rental insurance to your policy. Rental insurance covers the cost of rental cars in the case that your car is in an accident or is stolen. Ask your auto insurance agent if this auto insurance tip is right for you.
* Age of Car: If your car is older or isn't driven often, you may be able to drop some of the coverage that it required when it was a newer car. Since older cars don't cost as much to repair as new cars, having additional coverage doesn't always make sense.
* Review Your Policy: Consistently review your policy - moving, added features to your car such as anti-theft devices, or the improvement of your driving record are all factors that may change your policy.