Agents Versus Internet

In the age of the Internet, auto insurance shopping companies are now moving their services online. Some auto insurance companies offer quotes and the opportunity to purchase a policy online. Not all of these companies, however, have a staff of highly trained, experienced agents to back up their website. This is what sets apart from the rest. We, along with our partner companies, offer all of the conveniences of online home insurance shopping AND have an entire call center filled with highly trained agents to assist you with quotes and questions. Have to file a claim? Our partner companies offer 24/7 online and over-the- phone claims services so that you can file when it’s convenient for you. So when it comes to the great debate: Agent vs. Internet- isn’t it nice to have your cake and eat it too? Let’s look at some of the benefits of each:
The Agent

When dealing with an agent, you have the satisfaction of knowing that an actual person is handling your auto insurance needs. An agent offers a level of personal service, offering you quotes and advice based on your needs. Many online insurance companies are technology companies gone insurance company. started in 1992 as a small town insurance company in Wilmington, NC. The same award-winning agents still oversee today.

A qualified agent can offer a great deal of advice. Have a bad driving record? An auto insurance agent can recommend safe driving courses that may eventually lead to lower premiums. Not sure which deductible to choose? Your auto insurance agent can make recommendations based on your income and driving history. Considering purchasing additional coverage? An agent can advise whether or not you need the coverage. You also have the benefit of speaking with an actual person who is dedicated to your account. You'll be able to establish a relationship with your agent that leads to a level of trust that you may not if dealing with different people on an on-going basis. Establishing a relationship may mean that your agent takes extra care in making sure that you receive the best rates, are notified of changes that may affect your plan, and personally handles any claims that you may have.
The Internet

In a fast moving world, the Internet allows us to make immediate decisions without having to wait on others. Auto insurance quotes and service are no different. You can get immediate auto insurance quotes, answers and feedback on our site. When dealing with an online auto insurance company like one of our partners, you are able to file claims online, instantly print out insurance ID cards and contracts, and check on the repair or claim status of your vehicle. Online auto insurance companies also offer online educational centers, access to forms and account information, and live chat capabilities to speak with agents associated with the company.
Levels of Service

The combined benefit of having the conveniences of the internet and the personal service provided by an agent, allows you to experience the highest level of customer service. Whatever type of service you prefer- internet or agent- we have the right quoting process for you