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Completing a Vehicle Title Transfer is necessary whenever one is changing vehicle ownership. The process varies from state to state, as do the fees. However, this broad overview on Vehicle Title Transfer may be useful nationwide.

When is a Vehicle Title Transfer necessary

One must complete a Vehicle Title Transfer when ownership of a vehicle changes. This includes – sale of a vehicle, gifting a vehicle, inheriting a vehicle, adding or removing someone from the title (divorce, death, marriage), or even making the final payment on your vehicle (title changed from lien holder to you). In any if these instances one must complete a Vehicle Title Transfer.

Why is a Vehicle Title Transfer necessary?

A Vehicle Title Transfer is needed to update the record of vehicle ownership with the DMV -Department of Motor Vehicles. This form indicates that an owner has relinquished vehicle ownership and another has assumed responsibility for it. A Vehicle Title transfer indicates who the legal owner of a vehicle is.

How to do a Vehicle Title Transfer

How one completes a Vehicle Title Transfer is dependent upon the state you reside in. However, generally, a Certificate of Title is signed by the seller and the odometer reading and sale price of car and buyer name and info is completed on back of title and given to buyer. Then the buyer brings this title to the DMV to complete the transfer and pay Vehicle Title Transfer fees.

Vehicle Title Transfer cost
The cost of a Vehicle Title Transfer will vary widely from state to state. For example, there is a standard $15.00 Title Transfer fee in the state of Pennsylvania, yet there is a $60.00 fee in neighboring New Jersey. So, with the disparage involved in fees it is best to contact your local DMV to inquire the Vehicle Title Transfer fee for your state.

Vehicle Title Transfer fee responsibility
All Vehicle Title Transfer fees are the responsibility of the new owner. The new owner must bring the title to the DMV and the fees are due within 10 days of the sale typically. Contact your local DMV for additional Vehicle Title Transfer information.

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