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Vehicle registration fees are an annual fee that all automobile owners in the United States must pay. These fees differ from state to state and even within each state based upon certain determining criteria. Questions regarding the Vehicle Registration Fees in your state of residence may be directed to your area DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).

Vehicle Registration Fees- flat rates

Vehicle Registration Fees vary widely depending on the state one lives in. For example, in Pennsylvania the fee is $36.00 for passenger cars while in Wisconsin it is $75.00. Theses states are 2 of 28 that have a flat registration fee. Vehicle Registration Fees in the rest of the states are not on a flat fee basis.

Vehicle Registration Fees- weight , usage and model type

Other states base their Vehicle Registration Fees on vehicle-related factors, such as the weight and model of the vehicle and even its usage. Texas registration fees are dependent upon model and weight, with newer cars having a more expensive fee. Maryland is expensive, with passenger cars up to 3700lbs at $128, over 3700lbs at $180. Maryland also bases Vehicle Registration Fees on usage with Limousines at $397 as a vehicle for hire.

Vehicle Registration Fees- Initial

Vehicle Registration Fees for one's initial registration in a state are higher than those to renew your registration. It can be substantially higher. One must register initially in person as well, in most states. After your initial registration you will have to renew your vehicle registration every year. Renewals can be done via mail or online with the Vehicle Registration Payment either mailed or electronically withdrawn.

Vehicle Registration Fees- Surcharges
Vehicle Registration Fees may include various surcharges as well. In California, for example there are surcharges added for CHP (California Highway Patrol) and for reflector license plates. These additional charges to Vehicle Registration Fees are different form state to state and even absent from others.

Vehicle Registration Fees- Questions
With the disparage in Vehicle Registration Fees from state to state, one may want to contact the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to obtain fee information. It is especially important to get Vehicle Registration Fees information if you are moving to a new state.

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