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Vehicle DMV, or Department Of Motor Vehicles is a State governed agency that provides vehicle related services to the residents of their state. Although there are differences with some services and fees form state to state, the overall function of the vehicle DMV in all states is to offer a designated location where all information regarding vehicle ownership and driving records etc can be accessed and licenses issued.

Vehicle DMV- licenses

The Vehicle DMV is a center for all things related to vehicle licensing. One can obtain a drivers manual at their local DMV to study for their test. They then can take the written test for either a Learner's Permit or License and the practical driving test for their license. Individuals can test for all classes of licenses at the DMV including Automobiles, CDL /Commercial Drivers License/ and Motorcycle. Once an individual has passed their license test they may obtain their photo driver's license at the vehicle DMV.

Vehicle DMV- vehicle titles

The vehicle DMV is where one must go to transfer a vehicle title. This is necessary whenever there is a change in ownership of a vehicle, such as when one buys a vehicle. It also is necessary when one must add or remove someone from the title. The Vehicle DMV changes the title information on the state database so that there is record of legal vehicle ownership should the vehicle be involved in any criminal or civil action.

Vehicle DMV- Vehicle registration

Each year one must renew their vehicle's registration through the Vehicle DMV. One must enter their insurance information, odometer reading, and pay the fee to have their registration renewed and receive their sticker that indicated they have a current Vehicle DMV registration.

Vehicle DMV- fees

Vehicle DMV fees vary from state to state for the same service and within the state for different services. Fees are charged for a photo ID, Drivers license test, Issuing a Driver's License, etc. One should contact their area Vehicle DMV to get fee information.

Vehicle DMV- other services

The Vehicle DMV offers additional services, such as adding organ donor to ones license, obtaining custom or personalized license plates, as well as many other. The Vehicle DMV is the clearinghouse for anything related to driving.

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