SR22 Insurance Illinois

SR22 Insurance Illinois is really not a type of insurance at all. SR22 is , in fact, a form that must be completed by one's insurance company that verifies that they have at least the minimum Illinois liability coverage. This form, once completed, is then forwarded to the State Secretary in Springfield where it is reviewed. If it is determined that SR22 criteria has been met, the form is signed and sent back to the insurance company. Although this process can take up to 30 days, SR22 Insurance Illinois is required for many individuals.

SR22 Insurance Illinois and the Individual License

Who needs SR22 Insurance Illinois? SR22 forms must be completed when an individual's license has been suspended so that they may have their Driver's License reinstated. Individuals who have had a DUI, have exceeded the number of points allowed, or who have been pulled over and found to be under or uninsured typically have their license suspended and therefore must find SR22 Insurance Illinois.

SR22 Insurance Illinois and High Risk

Not all insurance companies offer SR22 Insurance Illinois. This is due to the high-risk factor involved when insuring individuals whose serious infractions have led to the revoking of their license. SR22 insurance can be very costly, because insurance companies are carrying the burden of risk if these individuals are involved in an accident. However, individuals can find SR22 Insurance Illinois that is more competitively priced if they are patient and shop around.

Strict Policy SR22 Insurance Illinois

SR22 Insurance Illinois also has a very strict premium payment policy. One may not have any lapse in their premium or their insurance is immediately canceled. The SR22 provider must contact the state of Illinois at once if there is any lapse in a person's coverage and the state then suspends that individual's license again. It can not be reinstated until criteria is again met. By agreeing to provide SR22 coverage, an insurance agency also has made an agreement with the state to expediently report any offenders. So it is extremely important to maintain one's SR22 coverage seamlessly and reestablish a good driving record. SR 22 Insurance Illinois is typically carried for 1-3 years before a person can obtain traditional auto insurance

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