Oregon Mutual Insurance

Oregon Mutual Insurance is a 100 year old independent mutual insurance company providing coverage within Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, and California. Founded in 1894, its principles and namesake are based on the “mutual” concept which its founders believed in. Oregon Mutual founders were disgruntled at the high expense of insurance and wanted to create an insurance company which provided for the “mutual' interests of policyholders and investors. This was unlike other companies which focused solely on profit and the interests of their investors. Policy holders were, in fact, investors just by having policies with Oregon Mutual Insurance. This concept allowed everyone's interests to be addressed fairly.

Oregon Mutual Insurance the Philosophy

At Oregon Mutual Insurance, this basic founding philosophy is still going strong today. Continuing to focus on the mutual needs of all involved in the company, they are not manipulated by greedy investors who are pressuring them to increase their profit margin by raising their prices. Oregon Mutual Insurance is rated A- in the AM Best Rating Guide- which is a degree Excellent rating!

Oregon Mutual Insurance with Over 120,000 Policy Holders

Serving over 120,000 policyholders, Oregon Mutual Insurance offers an array of insurance products. In addition to high quality Home, Auto, Commercial and Farm/Agricultural coverage, Oregon Mutual offers both EPLI and Veterinarian coverage. With EPLI coverage, Employers can protect themselves if they are ever involved in an employee initiated lawsuit. Veterinarian coverage protects Vets providing care to domestic pets and Livestock. Oregon Mutual Insurance also provides their customers with the best Identity Theft Protection services available.

Oregon Mutual Insurance Claims Management

From Oregon Mutual Insurance Independent agents to their caring and competent claims management, OMI provides their policyholders with high quality insurance packages tailored to meet their personal needs with one of the most competitive insurance rates available. With over 100 years of service within its communities, Ohio Mutual prides itself on its high rate of customer satisfaction. Customers report back with over 90% positive feedback, and the majority of these policyholders have multiple policies within OMI long-term. When searching for the very best in personal or commercial insurance, contact an Oregon Mutual Insurance independent agent to learn more about their products!

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