Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance

Established in 1934, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance parent company- Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc, began providing insurance to area farmers. Since that time, the company has grown to include all 92 Indiana counties , providing coverage to diverse individuals. No longer an insurance company exclusive to Indiana Farmers, it has expanded to the urban territories as well as rural. Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance is, however, still parented by Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc. and an individual must first become a member of this parent company before they may purchase coverage.

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, where to begin

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance I provides auto, home , business and, yes- farm insurance to their customers. However, other services are offered as well with membership ,that include an identity theft program, accidental death benefits, and life insurance. A variety of insurance types are available within this one provider, which allows for convenient one-stop-shopping for your insurance needs. Members also may take advantage of savings programs that enable them to save on everything from rental cars to dining out in Indiana. Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance has come along way from its grass roots beginning.

How Much Coverage with Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance

For example, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance has been very pro-active in regards to the modern day thievery known as identity theft. Indiana was among the top 25 states for identity theft occurrence in 2006 – which prompted the insurance company to provide protection from identity theft to their customers. Teaming up with Identity Theft 911- a leader in Fraud and Identity Theft education, and management , Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance began a program granting free access of this service to their members. If a member becomes a victim of identity theft, they are able to have a Identity Theft 911 advocate guide them and help with resolution. This is just one way Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance offers protection to their members.

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Pro Active

They also protect their members by holding fast to the principles by which the original “farmers protector” stood for from their start. That is that hard working people deserve to have someone watching out for them, and their families. For over 70 years Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance has been doing just that within their communities throughout Indiana.

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