Introduction to High Risk Auto Insurance

Despite all the logic that would suggest an alternative response, some companies have a provision for high risk auto insurance. This is the type of insurance that is targeted towards the subprime of the insurance industry. With the advent of ratings and scorings some people have found themselves on the wrong side of the tick and will not be able to get high risk auto insurance easily. This means that some companies have identified this as a business opportunity and are happy to offer the service for an increased premium.

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If a driver falls between the ages of eighteen and thirty they are very likely to fall into the high risk auto insurance category unless they have other mitigating factors that would indicate to the insurance company that they are not a particularly bad risk to take on. This group of high risk auto insurance drivers is based on the past conduct of their peers which has indicated that they are prone to be involved in some sort of accident on a regular basis. However it must be understood that this assumption is not always justified by the facts.

High Risk Auto Insurance Gender

For some unfathomable reason some insurance companies have come to the conclusion that the gender of the driver will be a significant factor in the assessment as to whether they are in the high risk auto insurance category. This is a very controversial stance that tends to open a can of worms that one would rather ignore. However some limited studies have indicated that at certain points in life the gender of a driver might indicate their tendency towards the high risk auto insurance group. The level of accuracy within these studies is questionable.

High Risk Auto Insurance History

Perhaps one of the most effective indicators of the future conduct of a driver is their driving past. Those with a high risk auto insurance driving history are certainly more prone to accidents unless they have suddenly overcome all their old habits that created the problems in the first place. The second issue is the presence of the high risk auto insurance behavior such as drink driving which is an absolute shocker in the modern age. This is often a very accurate indicator of the possible conduct of the driver in future situations.

High Risk Auto Insurance Cars

There are certain vehicles that carry with them the risk that they will cause accidents unless they are in the hands of a very experienced driver. The high risk auto insurance industry has looked at certain high performance cars as one of the obvious categories for this treatment. One also has to consider that there are some less premium cars which carry with them the tag of high risk auto insurance because they have been stolen many times. This problem might be due to the security features or the continuing popularity of that model of a car in the market.

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