Hartford Auto Insurance

Hartford auto insurance is a subsidiary of The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. established in 1810 as a fire insurance company. In 1913 The Hartford Accident and Indemnity company was formed to offer additional coverage options, such as accident, business and automobile liability. With Hartford auto insurance policyholders can feel secure in their financial strength and stability.

Hartford Auto insurance- cost

Hartford auto insurance is available throughout the United States and worldwide. Hartford is priced competitively and individuals who switched saved an average of over $450.00/ yr. Other factors related to risk such as one's age, gender and driving history will also be taken into consideration when determining the cost of a policy. Hartford auto insurance strives to offer the most competitive rates.

Hartford auto insurance- coverage

Hartford auto insurance is available nationwide so mandatory coverage amounts will vary according to the state one resides in. Although many individuals believe they can save money by only opting to purchase what is legally required by their state, they are often left with great financial burden if they are involved in an accident. A Hartford auto insurance agent can assist you in tailoring a policy that will adequately protect you and others should you be involved in an accident.

Hartford Auto insurance- accident forgiveness

Hartford auto insurance offers accident forgiveness to policyholders involved in a first time accident. What this means is that their premium cost will not increase. Hartford auto insurance believes an accident can involve even the most cautious driver, and offers this one time forgiveness opportunity.

Hartford auto insurance- fun facts

Hartford auto insurance evolved out of the Hartford fire insurance company which sold policies to many famous people in history such as General E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln, and Buffalo Bill. Hartford also had other famous policyholders , including Babe Ruth and Dwight D, Eisenhower. Hartford auto insurance comes from a company rich in history.

Hartford auto insurance- Assistance

Hartford auto insurance also offers an online 'Car Insurance Coverage Guide' to help individuals determine the amount of coverage they need before they even speak to an agent. Hartford auto insurance strives to lead the industry in customer satisfaction.

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