Esure Car Insurance

Esure Car Insurance was founded in 1999 by Peter Wood , an English businessman who also created the Direct Line Insurance Company for the Royal Bank of Scotland. This Reigate, Surrey/ England based insurance company has grown by leaps and bounds over the years largely due to its innovative marketing campaigns. Esure Car is now one of the UK's largest auto insurance providers.

Esure Car offices

Esure Car has its main office in Reigate, Surrey but also has additional offices in Manchester and Glasgow. One may wonder how one of Britain's largest auto insurers can operate out of only 3 offices? Although Esure grew to over 1 million customers in only 5 years, it has retained the ability to operate with low overhead and less offices due to the online nature of Esure Car.

Online based Esure Car

Esure Car is an internet or telephone based insurance company. This convenience to customers, in that they are able to purchase, make policy changes, and communicate with their insurance provider online or via telephone has added to its draw. Also, this manner of operation, enables the company to operate without a high level of expensive overhead, and Esure Car can then pass these savings on to their customers.

Esure Car premium cost

Esure Car insurance is available in the UK, so prices are not reflected in US dollars, but the British pound. Premium prices, however, are just as they are in the US, in that Esure Car premiums vary in regard to the amount of coverage one needs.

Esure Car US

Esure car insurance is not available in the United States. One can purchase Esure , however, prior to moving to England and it would be beneficial to do so prior to a move as one would have coverage immediately once the process was completed and Esure Car insurance premium paid.

Esure Car future

The proven popularity of Esure Car indicates a bright future for this British insurance company. The popularity and access to the internet continues to grow, so it makes sense that more people will opt for Esure Car and its easy online access.

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