Encompass Auto Insurance

Encompass Auto Insurance is a division of the Allstate Insurance Company and is based out of Northbrook, Illinois. This division focuses entirely on personal property/ casualty insurance products, such as auto coverage. Encompass auto insurance is sold by independent agents throughout the United States.

Encompass Auto Insurance- Minimum coverages

Since Encompass Auto Insurance is a national company, the minimum coverage one will need to legally operate a motor vehicle will depend upon the laws of the state in which they reside. Agents are knowledgeable in the minimum required coverage, but you can also check the laws in your state online regarding minimum coverage. Opting for only minimum coverage is not suggested as it most likely will not provide adequate coverage if an accident occurred. Encompass Auto Insurance can assist you in creating a policy with ample protection.

Encompass Auto Insurance- Price

Encompass Auto Insurance is a highly competitive insurance provider. However, prices will vary according to a variety of factors. Insurance companies will review one's driving history, and take into account their demographics, such as age, and gender etc to establish a risk percentage. The higher one's risk, the higher their premium. Encompass Auto Insurance strives to provide the most competitive pricing available.

Encompass Auto Insurance benefits

The benefits of choosing Encompass Auto Insurance are many. From a 95.6% claims satisfaction rating to enhanced accident forgiveness, they offer many incentives to choose their service. There are a variety of discounts that may be available as well, including the safe driving bonus. An agent can discuss the many advantages and discount programs and payment options Encompass Auto Insurance offers with you.

How do I get Encompass Auto Insurance?

Encompass Auto Insurance may be obtained only through independent agents throughout the country. One may contact a broker or online broker service to inquire if they work with Encompass. Or one can go to the Encompass website to find an agent to assist them. When shopping for an auto insurance provider, one should include Encompass Auto Insurance in the companies they compare. Competitive, Stable pricing is a top priority if this Allstate affiliated company!

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