Commercial Auto Coverage

Commercial Auto Coverage is necessary to protect businesses and their employees when operating vehicles for commercial purposes. A small business can easily be financially devastated by an accident involving a business vehicle, if adequate Commercial Auto Coverage is not in place.

Who should purchase Commercial Auto Coverage

Although it is obvious that Commercial Auto Coverage is necessary with companies such as Taxi and shuttle services there are many other businesses that should have this coverage. Any company that regularly has individuals operating a vehicle for the purpose of business should acquire this coverage. Many business owners believe that their personal insurance will provide coverage if they are involved in an accident. Commercial Auto Coverage will ensure that individuals are protected and the business itself.

Types of Commercial Auto Coverage

There are different types of Commercial Auto Coverage available. A business can choose to purchase individual plans if they have few individuals that drive for business purposes. Or if they are a larger transport related company they may opt for Fleet Coverage- which has a set premium for a number of vehicles; all inclusive. Also available is non-owned Commercial Auto Coverage which provides protection for those using their own vehicles for business purpose

Commercial Auto Coverage- Trucking

There are also different types of Commercial Auto Coverage available to trucking companies that are related to the type of business they are. These include livestock truck insurance, and commercial courier insurance, hazardous chemical transport and food transport insurances. Commercial Auto Coverage can be tailored to business type.

Commercial Auto Coverage -cost

The cost of Commercial Auto Coverage varies according to many variables, such as how many vehicles and type of vehicles being insured. Mid-sized sedans are less expensive to insure than a luxury or sports vehicle. Also the driving history of their drivers will influence the cost as well, so checking employees driving records is important before purchasing Commercial Auto Coverage for them.

Commercial Auto Coverage- regulations

Commercial Auto Coverage guidelines are set by the Department of Transportation for certain companies, such as those transporting cargo. One should contact the Department of Transportation for regulatory guidelines before purchasing Commercial Auto Coverage.

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