Allied Insurance

Allied Insurance is a Columbus, Ohio based division of independent agents that comprise the Nationwide Insurance family of insurers. First formed as ALLIED mutual Automobile Association in 1929 the company grew to include a variety of insurance coverages. Now headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, Allied Insurance has regional offices in Lincoln, Nebraska, Gainesville, Florida, Sacramento , California and Denver, Colorado.

Allied Insurance- Automobile

Allied Insurance offers not only the typical auto coverage such as Liability, Property Damage, Personal Injury Protection, Comprehensive, Collision and Uninsured/ Under insured Motorist coverage but also “On Your Side Rewards”. These rewards one can opt for include accident forgiveness (1 incident every 3 yrs), Minor Violation Forgiveness, Roadside assistance, GAP coverage, New car replacement, as well as a diminishing deductible. When one signs up for the diminishing deductible reward they immediately have $100 taken off their current deductible, then $100 off each accident free year for up to 5 years / $500.

Allied Insurance- Homeowners

Allied Insurance offers comprehensive Property and Liability homeowners policies that can be tailored to your specific needs. Additional protection that is also available includes Identity theft protection, Replacement cost coverage for your home, earthquake coverage, additional coverage to protect valuables such as jewelry, antiques and collectibles, renters and condominium coverage. An Allied Insurance professional can assist you in creating your own protection package.

Allied Insurance – Business

Quality Small to mid sized business protection is available with Allied Insurance. Many policies are specific to business type as well, such as restaurant and auto service companies. Allied Insurance offers customized protection for all aspects of one's business.

Allied Insurance- Other coverage

Allied Insurance offers additional types of insurance coverage to address individual needs. Farm Insurance is available to those in the agricultural industry. Boat and sport vehicle coverage are other available options. Identity theft and umbrella protection are additional policies available to protect one's finances.

Allied Insurance- discounts

Allied Insurance has various discounts available to policyholders. These include Multiple policy discount, Multiple vehicle coverage discount, accident free discount, new vehicle discount and good student discount. Loyal Allied Insurance customers are also rewarded with a long time customer discount!

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