What does standard auto insurance cover?

Liability: In the event of an accident where you are at fault, your liability insurance coverage will pay for bodily injuries and property damage caused to the other vehicle, passengers of the other vehicle and passengers of your car. Limitations vary on liability coverage but are typically set at:

$100,000 per person for bodily injury

$300,000 per accident for bodily injury

$50,000 per accident for property damage or a single limit of $85,000

Liability insurance will also cover the insured while operating a vehicle that they don’t own but have permission to drive. In this case the vehicle’s policy would be the primary policy while the insured driver’s policy would cover excess damages.

Medical Payments: The medical payments portion (also known as 1st party coverage) of your auto insurance covers medical costs for the insured driver, family members or any other passenger in your insured vehicle. Medical payments coverage has varying limits per policy. It is optional and applies per person on a per accident basis.

Uninsured Motorist: Uninsured Motorist Coverage covers the insured driver’s bodily injury and property damage claims in the event that:

The accident was a hit and run

The driver at fault does not have insurance

A hit-and-run occurrence would involve physical contact with another vehicle and coverage would be for bodily injuries only. Uninsured motorist coverage is typically standard for most policies and while we always recommend having uninsured motorist coverage, it can be excluded at the insured’s request.

Underinsured Motorist: Underinsured Motorist coverage handles bodily injury claims sustained when the “at fault” driver’s liability limit for bodily injury is less than the damage caused by the accident. This type of coverage pays the difference between the “at fault” driver’s limit of liability and the insured’s Uninsured Motorists coverage.

Physical Damage: Physical Damage coverage can be broken down into three parts:

Collision Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage

Transportation Coverage

Collision insurance covers damages to your vehicle in the event that you collide with an object (other than an animal) on the roadway or incur damages due to an upset in the roadway.

Comprehensive insurance covers damages including those caused by:



Vandalism and mischief


missiles and explosives



Glass breakage

Civil Commotion



Hitting an animal

Failing objects

If purchased, Transportation Expenses* may also be covered under the Physical Damages portion of your policy if you have comprehensive insurance. This portion covers expenses to obtain other transportation in the event that your vehicle is stolen or lost due to a covered peril. Payments are typically $30/day with a maximum payout of approx. $900 per loss beginning 48 hours after the theft and until the vehicle is returned or the vehicle loss is settled.

*This coverage must be purchased separately.