How will a speeding ticket affect my auto insurance premium?

The affect that a traffic violation may have on your rates can vary depending on the excessiveness of the speed and your driving history.
Speeding Tickets = Points

First, you will need to understand how a speeding ticket is reported on your driving record. When you are charged with any traffic violation (either by pleading guilty or ruled so by a judge) you receive points on your driver’s license. In every state, there is a specific number of points assigned for every driving offense. (There is also a limit in each state on how many points a driver may accumulate before their license is suspended.) Typically, the more severe the offense committed is, the greater the number of points that are applied to your license. So, for example, if you were caught 50 miles over the speed limit you would most likely incur a greater number of points on your license than someone driving 10 miles over the speed limit.
How this Affects Your Rate

Insurance companies check your driving record before issuing your policy and are able to access the number of points currently on your driver’s license. The more points you have on your driver’s license, the greater a risk you most likely pose to your insurance company. Therefore, just one speeding ticket can tack on some points and rack up your premium.
How to Reduce Your Rate

The good news is, points do not stay on your driving record forever- typically after 3-5 years they will be removed from your driving record. Drivers who maintain a clean driving record often receive a Good Driver Discount which can help drive down the cost of their insurance. Most companies require that you remain point-free for a few years in order to get this discount.

You may also qualify for other discounts with your car insurance company which can help lower your rate. For example, a Home-Auto discount can save drivers up to 35% at times just by packaging their home and auto with the same company.

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