How can I get the best rate when shopping online?

In recent years, car insurance shopping has taken a major turn with the popularity of online quoting. Customers looking to save time and money are shopping online for auto quotes instead of spending their time driving to local car insurance offices. The internet has opened a world of opportunity for shoppers who want to shop and compare rates from their computer; however, there can be some pitfalls if an online shopper doesn’t know exactly what to look for.

Below are some tips for how to get low, accurate rates from an online shopping environment:
Be Honest

Whenever you are trying to get an auto insurance rate the quote provider will ask you for an array of questions about your driving record, driving history and insurance claims history. All of these factors affect your car insurance rate. A common mistake that many drivers make is forgetting to disclose information about a speeding ticket or their claims history. The quote you receive based on inaccurate information will sometimes be substantially lower than the actual rate you may pay. When you actually try to lock in that rate and purchase an auto insurance policy, your insurance score and driving record are then verified. If violations and insurance claims appear that were not previously disclosed, the rate that you received online will most likely no longer be accurate.
Do Your Homework

As with any industry, there are car insurance providers that are more reputable than others. Before purchasing a policy, do some research and find out about the car insurance companies you are getting quotes from. If the company is a direct provider giving you a quote for only their coverage- makes sure you check their A.M. Best Rating and shop around the price. If you shop with an online shopping company that compares the best rates for you make sure you ask about the reputability of the companies they represent.
Don’t Be Afraid to Talk

If you find a great car insurance quote with an outstanding company and are ready to lock it in- don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and talk with a licensed consultant. Simply finding a great rate using the internet is a major time saver. In addition, there can be some major benefits by reviewing the coverage quickly with a licensed auto insurance consultant before purchasing. Oftentimes there may coverages you were not aware of or discounts that went overlooked on the online form. While many online quoting systems are built to encompass all of these discounts and coverages, it is always a good idea to verify your policy with a live auto insurance consultant (especially new drivers).