Does my auto insurance cover a broken windshield?

Typically, the portion of your auto insurance policy that covers a windshield is comprehensive coverage. Some comprehensive coverage includes coverage for glass; other policies have glass coverage as a separate comprehensive option. Since comprehensive coverage is not often required, the answer to this question lies in the specifics of your policy.

“77 Percent of insured drivers purchase comprehensive coverage in addition to liability insurance…”
-Insurance Information Institute

Comprehensive coverage typically covers damage to your vehicle not caused by collision with an object or other vehicle. Comprehensive coverage also may cover flood damage, wind and hail, fires, or hitting an animal. Without comprehensive coverage, your auto policy will most likely not cover your broken windshield. If you have comprehensive coverage the cost of replacing your windshield may be covered- but to what extent depends on your deductible. If you have a deductible on your comprehensive coverage, for example, you may be required to contribute your deductible before the comprehensive coverage kicks in. Since a windshield replacement often costs around $500, your deductible would have to be lower than $500 to receive any coverage from your policy.