Can I get an auto insurance policy if I only have a learner’s permit?

Not your own. When you earn your learner’s permit you are granted permission by your state department of motor vehicles to drive with a fully licensed driver (over the age of 18) in the car. Therefore, you are covered under the insurance policy that the licensed driver is covered under.

For example, if you get into a car accident while driving your dad’s car while your dad was in the passenger seat- the damages would most likely be covered under your dad’s policy. This holds true for the same scenario but replace your dad with another fully licensed driver over the age of 18 such as your grandma, your neighbor, older cousin, etc. As long as you are driving with a licensed driver- in a covered vehicle- you are ok. With a learner’s permit your parent, guardian or other licensed driving companion does not have to add you to their policy in order for you to be covered.

However, once you receive your full driver’s license, your insurance needs and requirements change. First, your parent or guardian must add you as a licensed driver to their policy as long as you are living under their roof. If you are living in your parent’s home and driving one of their vehicles, this might be all the coverage you need. Or if your parents buy a car for your use, but their name is on the title, you (as a driver) and the vehicle you are driving can be added onto their policy.

However, if you own your own vehicle (meaning your name is on the title and registration) you will have to get your own policy. Your parents still may be required to keep you listed as a driver on their policy since you have access to their automobiles and keys.